Sims in real life!

What has The Sims franchise taught us?


What has The Sims franchise taught us? Apart from how to disregard people’s needs and kill people in interesting ways, we’ve also learned that when people are left to do what they want, they will screw up. Yes, being stripped of the right to choose has resulted in a lot of crap, like human rights’ exploitation etc. But imagine all the catastrophes that could have been avoided if people didn’t have the choice to cause them in the first place. Think Jones Town, WW2, The Kardashians. It might seem counter-intuitive, but by formally stripping people of their right to choose, you create a utopia, because when people are allowed to choose, they choose wrong. That leads to my second point.

There’s an age old story about goals. People set goals like they lose their virginities, but rarely do people ever follow through on them. If they’re being honest, that is. When was the last time you went to the gym, and not just for the food or to support your friend? But what if you’d been forced to go to gym daily and become healthier, because if you didn’t, you’d die? Let’s say Diabetes was your motivator. Diabetes in itself is horrible, yes, but look at what would be accomplished because of it. Now replace Diabetes with an enforcing agency.

We can logically then say that this is more effective than allowing people to choose. If people were forced to pay attention in school, be creative, entrepreneurial, considerate, empathetic, why would that be a bad thing? People won’t choose what’s best, as I’ve illustrated in my first point, they’ll choose what makes them feel good now. By taking away their choices, we not only create a better world, but better people to inhabit it.

Now let’s go onto my third point.

Most people don’t have choices anyway. Quite frankly, if you don’t have money or beauty, life most likely sucks. You’ve probably thought about committing side-by-side. Money buys freedom to choose, and although to some people money isn’t the most important thing in their lives, it influences everything that is. So if you don’t have money, you don’t have choices. But since there’s no enforcing agency to then make your decisions for you or give you more choice than you currently have, the world spirals into chaos.

So why shouldn’t people be introduced to an enforcing entity that strips them of their rights so that everything can be better? If corruption was minimized as far as possible, why shouldn’t we adopt this method of governance?


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