You know you, boo!

If we were to take away people’s right to choose, who would choose for them? Most likely it’ll be a government run by humans. And what have we seen with such institutions? Corruption and inefficiency. We already can’t trust most governments to do their job properly with the amount of power that they currently have. Now imagine those very same governments now have complete power over everyone. I think all that leads to is a potential crapstorm.

And if you look at politics and government today, politicians can often be so persuasive and ambiguous that although they say one thing, what happens is entirely different. Look at tax laws. For years they’ve been saying tax the rich and help the poor, redistribution of wealth, yada yada. But what they’ve done is they’ve punished the poor and made it look like they rich were being reprimanded. Now imagine, once again, that we’re not taking just about tax, but every facet of your life. Imagine that the same conniving governments that don’t have your best interests at heart are in charge of your life.

My second point is that no one knows you like you do. Already governments dish out laws that generalize, but every situation and person is different. So how would they ensure that things will be better than before? You can’t have someone in charge of everyone’s life, to ensure that their lives get better, we don’t have enough people in governments for 7 Billion individuals. So it makes no sense how or why anyone would take the right to choose away from us. It’s dumb af.

–Sassilda Marge


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